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bookcoverLoyalty is a beautiful, married woman who before she got hitched, loved to test the waters. After getting married her and her husband participated in those waters together; however her husband eventually wanted to stop. He did. She didn’t. She never allowed herself to fall for anyone until she met Chance. Then; her world was turned upside down.


Benjamin loved Loyalty but he knew she was still up to her sexual trysts and he was fed up. He had his own secret and he was on his way of getting rid of Loyalty once and for all.


Cheyenne took being a best friend too far sometimes; always vouching for Loyalty when she was out with her men and not being loyal to her husband. She felt sorry for him but knew it wasn’t her place to say anything. So how was she going to reveal the biggest secret of all?

Chance and Cinea’ had been best friends for years and she was sick of seeing him with no good females. She just knows this new one is up to no good. How will she show Chance once again this is the not the one, while trying to suppress her own feelings for him and trying to move on.


Will Loyalty leave Benjamin and find in Chance was she has always been missing? Will Chance eventually see Cinea’ for who she is before it’s too late? Cheyenne can’t take too much more; how will she tell Loyalty once and for all she needs to be faitful before someone takes her husband away.


There a twists and turns everywhere for these four people who know each other all too well and when decisions are made and things come to light, who will remain “Loyal” and who will run for the hills?

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